Third mission

The term "Third Mission" refers to activities of continuous training as well as  local community (citizenship, schools, health professionals) scientific and cultural dissemination (public engagement): public meetings, radio and television broadcasts, publications, etc., organised or sponsored by the Department or with a significant involvement of DISC faculty or technical-administrative staff.

Events sponsored by DISC:

Prof. Marco Frascio, formerly Vice Director of DISC, coordinates the Medicine and Pharmacy divisions of UnigeSenior (formerly UniTE, University of the Third Age) which was founded by the University of Genoa in order to organise humanistic and scientific culture courses dedicated to people over 45 years old. The Medicine and Pharmacy divisions are organised in two weekly sessions of two hours each, for a total of 50 meetings each per academic year.
The Medicine division will address the vast field of expertise by focusing on the acquisition of new technologies which have changed the approach to illness as well as introduce the current trend towards maintaining well-being. Lastly, some rudiments of space medicine will be illustrated. The figure of Leonardo will also provide an opportunity to highlight the complexity of medicine. Read More here

DISC Researchers have recently filed or have obtained approval for the following patents:

Perego P, Palombo D, Ferrari PF, Campardelli R, Pratesi G. Engineered nanoliposomes for a targeted therapy of atherosclerosis and their preparation procedures. Application n. 102019000008745, filed 12-6-2019, licensed 12-5-2021 - in collaboration with Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica e Ambientale (DICCA);

Salsano G., Salsano A. Dispositivo endovascolare per fistole disfunzionali. Application n. 102019000000981, filed 23-1-2019, licensed 4-1-2021.

Salsano A, Salsano G. Endovascular device for dysfunctional fistulas. Application n. WO/2020/152600, filed 30-7-2020.

Spinella G., Pane B. Bioprotesi vascolari biodegradabili ingegnerizzate e loro processo di produzione. Application 20-8-2020.

Bottino G., Frascio M et al., Sistema di monitoraggio di un paziente da remoto. Application n. 102020000029615, filed 3-12-2020.



In the summer of 2020, DISC launched a YouTube channel (Unige sub-channel) in order to create a stable platform of universal access to popular content derived from the expertise of the Department's lecturers. Channel Url:

Public health activities:

DISC values health care research. To this end, it carries out diversified activities that include (in addition to commercial aspects: patents, spin-offs, third-party research) clinical and non-clinical campaigns  such as screenings, courses (eg. lifelong medical training) and social events which influence the communities objective and perceived quality of life. DISC manages the Dental Clinic, a medical health facility open to the public.

For more details on other Departmental Third Mission initiatives please see the Italian version of the site

Last update 13 October 2022