2nd International Meeting focused on Biophysics of cell-surface interactions

The Research Group in Medical Biophysics at the Department of Surgical Sciences and Integrated Diagnostics (DISC) of the University of Genoa, with the Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali Ceramici (ISTEC-CNR) in Faenza, organizes the 2nd International Meeting TRACE on Advanced Ceramics and Composites in Tissue Regeneration.
The meeting, that is organized at Villa Vigoni, will focus on the biophysics of cell-surface interactions, in particular:

• Organization and dynamics of biomolecules and cells on surfaces
• Adhesion of cells on surfaces
• Tissue engineering and drug delivery
• Bioactive materials and bioactivity testing
• Tissue engineering and biomineralization
• Biodegradable scaffolds
• Biomechanics of cell-material adhesion
• Advanced technologies for the study of materials for tissue engineering.

The first TRACE International Congress was held in Genoa from 19th to 20th October 2017, at the Palazzo della Meridiana.
The venue of the next Congress, Villa Vigoni, was chosen as the Italian-German center par excellence in Europe and consistently with the intention of presenting the excellence of German and Italian research centers operating in the field of applications of biomaterials of relevance for the tissue regeneration.
The site http://www.biofisica.org/ collects the essential information on the scientific issues proposed, the Scientific Committee, the list of speakers, the detailed program and the activities of the Presidents 'and organizers' Research Centers.
The two Presidents are Rainer Gadow from the Institute of Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components and Composites (IMTCCC) - University of Stuttgart, and Aldo Boccaccini from the Laboratory Institute of Biomaterials - University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
DISC partecipates in the Event with Prof. Roberto Eggenhöffner as Organizer, with Director Prof. Franco De Cian in the Scientific Committee, and with Dr. Luca Giacomelli as organizer and DISC's research collaborator. The organizing committee and the scientific secretariat avail themselves, moreover, of the collaboration of Dr. Paola Ghisellini and Cristina Rando from the DISC, and of the external collaborators of the DISC, Dr. Valerio Belgrano and Dr. Federica Bisacchi.
For more information please see:
https://www.villavigoni.eu/ (location)
http://www.villavigoni.it/iscrizione_evento.php?ev_id=2682&lang_id=2 (registration)

More information and contacts

From to
Villa Vigoni - Loveno di Menaggio (Como)
Contact person:
Prof. Roberto Eggenhöffner
Simona Della Torre, Federica Barili - +39 0344 361 11 - segreteria@villavigoni.eu