Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and Integrated Treatments

Level: 2nd

Area: Medicine

Fee: 3.500,00 €

This master course is designed to providing a specialized training in the field of breast reconstruction according to the recent oncoplastic surgery techniques. The aim of the course is to train participants that will be able to treat patients with the most valid solution to achieve the utmost oncologic radicality with the best aesthetic and functional result. Therefore, participants will learn not only standard surgical procedures, but also a whole range of surgical techniques able to satisfy any immediate or deferred reconstructive requirement, cooperating with the plastic surgeon, the pathologist, the radiologist and the oncologist. Participants will be able to place the patient and her reconstructive programme at the centre of a decision-making process articulated on different aspects that would ensure to the patient the most suitable breast reconstruction, making the patient aware of the decision-making process. This is aimed to not consider anymore the treatment of breast cancer as a synonym of mutilation for women and also because the care of the body ought not be the cause of a illness of the soul anymore.

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Last update 18 March 2022