The specialty in Urology aims at training specialists with medical and scientific knowledge in the field of anatomy, pathophysiology and medical study of the urinary tract, of the male and female reproductive system and of the adrenal gland. During the course, will be given particular importance to the surgery of the upper and lower urinary tract, to oncologic surgery, to the surgery of the retroperitoneum, to replacement and reconstructive surgery, to urologic and gynecologic surgery, to transplantation surgery, to diagnostic and surgical urologic endosocopy and to shock wave lithotripsy.


Prof. Carlo Terrone

Administrative Staff

Sig.ra Pierangela Origone

email: piera.origone@unige.it

tel: 010 555 5978


Largo R. Benzi, 10 Genova (GE)

Last update 7 April 2022