Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery


The specialty in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery aims at training specialists with theoretical, scientific and professional knowledge in the field of pathophysiology, medical treatment and therapy of malformations, traumas, neoplasms and of all other pathologies that cause morphological and functional abnormalities of the body. Resident students will learn how to treat burns in acute and chronic phase, they will also learn the physiology and medical repair response, the surgical techniques of transfer and plastic tissue including organs transplantation and related tissues as well as biotechnologies using biomaterials. Resident students will be familiar with basic surgery techniques aimed at aesthetic purposes.


Prof. Edoardo Raposio

Administrative Staff

Marica Gallo


tel.: (+39) 010 33 57353


Viale Benedetto XV, 6 Genova (GE)

Last update 7 April 2022