Anaesthesia, Reanimation, Intensive Care and Pain Management


The specialty in Anaesthesia, Reanimation, Intesive Care and Pain Management trains specialists that, at the end of the course, will have basic and specific knowledge that, according to the highest international standards, will enable them to properly manage typical clinical scenarios related to the profession. The specialty programme include the learning of the techniques of the following areas: the management of general and local anaesthesia of the different surgical, endoscopic and interventional surgery branches; general and transplant intensive care; analgesic treatment of acute and chronic painful syndromes and of the cancer sufferer patient; the hyperbaric therapy; the emergency toxicology. Future specialists will be taught how to make themselves clear and how to communicate with patients and their family with kindness during the preparation and operational stages also concerning the preoperative informed consent, the organ and tissue removal for transplantation purposes and regarding the therapeutic support for terminal patients.


Prof. Paolo Pasqualino Pelosi

Administrative Staff

Maria Paola Cammarata

tel.: (+39) 010 33 - 57242



V.le Benedetto XV, 6 Genova (GE)

Last update 6 April 2022