Biotechnologies in Translational Medicine – 35th Cycle

Coordinator: Prof. Rodolfo Quarto Department:: DIMES (Dept. of experimental medicine) Administration: University of Genoa

Course Description and Objectives

The aim of the PhD in Biotechnologies in Translational Medicine is to apply an interdisciplinary approach to the problems of human health in order to transfer the new knowledge of basic sciences to clinical practice overcoming the compartmentalization of biological and medical sciences. Doctoral candidates will develop project skills and experimental and analytical abilities in order to reach autonomous research skills and project management. To this end, it will be organized workshops and seminars on innovative and leading-edge topics in the field of medical biotechnologies and their transfer to clinical practice aimed at increasing the cultural background of doctoral candidates as well as providing practical skills through a constant interaction with professors on issues related to specific topics of research carried out by the students. Particular importance will be given to the collaboration with laboratories and qualified national and international institutes of research.

Career and Professional Opportunities

With reference to the new Horizon 2020 programme, the European Union gives ample space to regenerative medicine and to innovative therapies. Employment perspectives are possible in Liguria and nationwide as well in biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical chemistry. Here are some project ideas emerged during planned meetings with stakeholders of industrial and academic world:
  • Development and production of reagents for cellular and molecular biology;
  • Development of treatment protocols with the use of bioactive molecules; Production of the above mentioned bioactive molecules through extraction and purification from biological materials or with the recombinant DNA technology;
  • Development and production of new therapeutic tools for cellular and gene therapy; Development and production of resorbable biomaterials to be used for the repair of tissue damage.
The curricula of the PhD course are integrated with the common purpose of creating a synergy able to transfer to the clinical practice (translational medicine) the outcomes of their investigations. The curricula therefore represent what permits to PhD course to train researchers able to develop innovative translational research in the field of biomedical biotechnologies. At the end of the training course, the PhD graduate in “Biotechnology in Translational Medicine” will be qualified for working in academic and healthcare world, in private and public Research Institutes and in Industries.

Curriculum in Translational Surgery

PhD Candidate with grant: Giulia De Negri Atanasio (XXXIII cycle) Alice Fantazzini (XXXIV cycle) Sara Dessalvi (XXXIV cycle) Marta Filauro (XXXV cycle) PhD Candidate without grant: Carlotta Ferretti (XXXIV cycle) Professors: Prof. Marco Frascio Prof. Anna Marchese Porf. Domenico Palombo Prof. Paolo Pasqualino Pelosi
Last update 4 February 2022