Pathological Anatomy


The specialty in Pahological Anatomy provides a training course aimed at bringing resident students to master theoretical and professional scientific knowledge in order to allow them to practice in healthcare system and to work as forensic experts. The skills taught in the residency programme concern the systematic pathology of the macroscopic, microscopic, ultrastructural, molecular and postmortem pathological anatomy. Pathologists will be able to recognize and to diagnose at macroscopic and microscopic level the morphological alterations of organs, tissues and cells in cytological compounds, in biopsy material and in the process of diagnostic comparison. To this end, resident students will learn concepts of how to process, prepare and evaluate histological, cytological, histochemical, immune-histochemical, ultrastructural and molecular biology samples. Pathologists’ specific fields of responsibility are post-mortem, macroscopic, histopathologic, cytopathologic, intraoperative histo-cytopathological, ultrastructural diagnosis as well as the biomolecular characterization of cells, tissues and organs of the entire organism lesions aimed at their diagnosis, that will be useful also for the prognostic and therapeutic orientation and for the final assessment of the diagnosis and of the related anatomical-medical aspects.


Prof. Roberto Fiocca

Administrative staff

Dott.ssa Emanuela Bozano

tel.: +39 010 33 57810



Largo R. Benzi, 8 Genova (GE)

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Last update 6 April 2022