Carlo Terrone

Carlo Terrone

Area of interest:

MED/24 Urology
Direttore Struttura Complessa di Urologia

Didactic Activity:

Begun in the a.a. 1993/94 at the University of Turin will be carried out continuously at the same University until the a.a. 2004/2005, then continuing at the University of Eastern Piedmont and currently at the University of Genoa, since February 2016. This activity has affected a number of degree courses (Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Undergraduate Course in Nursing, Undergraduate Course in Medical Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy, Degree Course in Physiotherapy, undergraduate course in Obstetrics, Bachelor Degree in Nursing and Obstetrics Sciences), different schools of specialization (urology, emergency surgery and first aid, Gynecology and Obstetrics, General Surgery, diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy), several Master University Specialist level II in endoscopy and laparoscopy, Master Specialized University Level II in oncology prostatic, First Level University Master in Emergency Medicine and Critical Area for nurses). He also played teaching activities in more than 60 courses.

Scientific Activity:

In all these years has carried out an intense research activity especially in the url-oncology.

Tumor of the kidney. Among the first in Italy has studied the chemotherapy of tumors advanced renal by systemic infusion continuous Floxuridine according the circadian rhythms It is therefore dedicated to the study of the renal carcinomas papilliferi and cromofobi. He proposed a new classification of tumors in stage T3 and N . From the point of view of the surgical therapy has deepened several controversial topics: conservative surgery of renal cell carcinoma, different routes of access for the radical nephrectomy, the role of lymphadenectomy and approach to tumors with invasion of the vena cava. In this regard is part of the International Renal Cell Thrombus Carcinoma-Venous Consortium, which brings together different centers with headquarters in the United States and in Europe.

Urinary bladder tumors. Has address research on the etiopathogenesis, relatively to cigarette smoking and diagnostics with the evaluation of new urinary markers such as the NMP22, the CYFRA 21-1 and the BTA TRAK. Has investigated the prognosis and treatment of superficial tumors, in particular with regard to the category T1G3. In the context of the surgical therapy has assessed the functional results, both from the point urodinamico seen that from the clinical point of view, of bladder replacement by the technique of Camey and has published the series with longer follow up of patients undergoing cystectomy over-ampollare.

Prostate cancers. The research has focused on the role of PSA in the diagnosis, staging and in the monitoring of the disease. Has assessed the PSA even at the level of the urinary. In order to increase the specificity of the PSA has extensively investigated the role of PSA ratio free/total and the density of PSA (ratio between prostate volume and PSA).
Has investigated the results of radical prostatectomy both from the point of view of oncology that of complications and quality of life of patients.
Has turned its interest toward the study of neuroendocrine component of prostate cancers and bone mineralization in patients in therapy with LH-RH analogues. Recently he has studied the use of intraoperative radiation therapy in prostate cancer locally advanced.

Laparoscopy. Has conducted and published several studies concerning the laparoscopic technique applied to the radical prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, to radical cystectomy and the exeresis diverticula of the bladder. Has developed the technique minilaparoscopica and laparoscopic approach to the left kidney for track transmesocolica.

He has participated in numerous clinical trials and research projects.


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